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The digital revolution has made a big impact in every sport, including cricket. Local cricket tournaments got a new face after the evolution of online cricket scoring. Chauka is one of the early and widely used online scoring app in the cricket world. The interface of Chauka is super user-friendly and the true cricketers love it. Chauka is a free app and lets you manage almost everything about your tournament. Here are few of the feedback users have given us recently on our app page on Play Store;

Chauka App Playstore review

Let’s look at the features that make Chauka the best pick for scoring:

Live scoring with custom commentary

Chauka allows you to score your match with its easy-to-use interface & lets you enter your own commentary along with Wagon Wheel info.

All you have to do is, watch the game and input ball-by-ball detail at the touch of a button using the icons in the scoring screen.
It brings you a detailed scorecard, commentary along with graphs for in-depth analysis, AUTOMATICALLY. All these will be broadcasted online so anyone can follow your game from anywhere from the world.

Chauka mobile live scoring screenshot

Setting up tournament is super-easy

You can set your tournament up in no time! You can create your teams & add players, create a tournament, schedule the matches & start scoring. You can add players from your Facebook friends list too.

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Automatic stats, points & NRR

Once your tournament is taken live, you get all type of tournament and individual records, automatically. Batting records, bowling records, fielding records, keeper records & most valuable player(MVP).

Tournament records on Chauka

Integration with website & mobile apps

Chauka provides custom website & mobile apps to help build the leagues or organisers their identity and reputation. With this, you’ll be able to keep all your cricket activity at one place and engage with your audience effectively. This also gives you an opportunity to commercialise your cricket with sponsors.

Few of the major leagues using Chauka’s Online Scoring Solution:

So far more than 2000 tournaments & leagues have used Chauka from more than 15 countries. Pune District Cricket Association is using Chauka as the official scoring partner. Dallas Cricket League, Colorado Cricket League, Houston Cricket League, Midwest Cricket Conference, etc., are a few from the US.

If you are looking out to digitise your cricket and remove the hassle of administration and play more, here’s your chance. If you’re still concerned about the transition from conventional scoring, be assured that Chauka team will be here to assist you with.
Upgrade to online scoring and be awesome!

Create your first tournament on Chauka!

Watch YouTube video: How Chauka online cricket scoring app works? Explainer video.

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