Economics of Cricket All Stars 2015 Event

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As you all know “Cricket All Stars 2015” hosts first of its kind cricket series featuring 26 global cricket icons led by Sachin Tendulkar and Shane Warne. If you haven’t heard about it, check out To answer questions I get about the event and why I support this so much, let me do a simple cost benefit analysis. Price: The best tickets are $175 ($216 with taxes) If I do the math, I see that I am paying $8.30 / legend to watch them play in these matches sitting in one city. If I imagine a hypothetical situation...

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How cricket organisers can better accomplish their social call to the community

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Cricket is no longer just a sport anymore. It has evolved into something that connects cricket fans in doing what they love the most, and at the same time helping people get back on their feet through charitable initiatives. Most recently, Indian legend MS Dhoni was able to raise $650,000 for Help for Heroes – a UK-based military charity – by hitting the winning runs in a charity event. Other cricket players also took part in raisings money for the aid group, and this is only the beginning in a long list of notable charity events...

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Tournament app: Moosa Cricket Stadium

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Chauka is proud to announce the launch of Moosa Stadium App. This groundbreaking app will revolutionize the way cricket organizations manage cricket tournament, league, individual grounds or statistics. Chauka has always been the leader in incorporating the technology into the game of cricket. If we look back at the introduction of chauka cricket scoring app back in 2012, it changed the way the cricket scoring was done for local matches and replaced the paper based scoring with mobile app. Once again chauka proved to be the pioneer in using...

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Addition of Summary Tab to the Live Scoring

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A new tab which summarizes the match at a glance has been added to the live scoring of matches. This feature is available for all the tournaments created on If you have embedded the tournament on your website or blog, you can visit any tournament and click on a live match and you will be able to see the ‘Summary’ tab added. You need not do anything to get this feature, this is already updated automatically. What does summary tab do? It briefly displays the summarised aspects of the match at any point along with automatic update...

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How to enter scorecard on Chauka?

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1. Login to 2. Click on ‘My Fixtures’ 3. Click on ‘View all matches you can score’ above the calendar 4. Click on ‘Enter Now’ for the match you want to score You will be taken to the scorecard to edit. 5. Follow the below steps ■ Enter overall match details To enter or edit the toss, match results click on ‘Enter/Edit match result’ Select toss result, match result and winning team etc. Click on ‘Save’ ■ Enter batting and bowling records To create a batting record...

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How to edit your team on Chauka

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Add or edit players in a team 1. Click on ‘My Teams’ in sidebar 2. Select the team from ‘Teams You Created’ list 3. Click on ‘Add Players’ in the sidebar 4. Two ways to add players to a team ■ To create new player Enter first name, last name and email(optional) then click on ‘Invite’ ■ To add existing player Enter player name in search field and from the search results select the player that you wish to add. If more than one player has got same name, then hover over the small (i) icon...

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Validation of Scorecard Entry in the Chauka Cricket Scorer

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This feature is geared toward improving the scoring for those who enter the match records manually from a scoresheet when the match has ended. This makes the scorer’s work easier by showing error messages so that the scorer can visit the specific part and make the correction. Following are the cases where validation occurs: ■ Total runs doesn’t match with the runs scored by all the batsmen added with extras When you enter scores of all the batsmen in a team and enter the total score which do not match each other then the error message...

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How to create your first match on Chauka Scoring App

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Creating your first match on Chauka is very easy! Just download the mobile app, register at And follow the below easy steps. 1. Login to Chauka with your login credentials 2. Click on “Create New” and click on “+Match” 3. Select the already created Home team and the Away team from the below list and click Save 4. Enter the match details and press “OK” 5. Match saved! Now message the team members if needed using the...

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How to Use the Camera Button on Chauka App to Share Your Game Photos?

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Now with Chauka Cricket Scoring App you can share your match photos from the ground on Facebook with just few clicks. Please follow the below steps: 1. Go to “Summary” tab and press the camera icon 2. Click on ‘+’ button to upload pictures from gallery or capture a new photo 3. Enter the custom message and set the match details on 4. Select “post to my FB wall” and select the page and group you want to post the match status 5. Click “next” to tag your friends and search your friends and click...

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How to Create Your Cricket Team and Add Players From Facebook?

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Now it’s much easier to create your team on Chauka Cricket Scoring App. Follow the below steps to create your cricket team: 1. Login to Chauka Cricket Scoring App 2. Click on “Add Team” and enter your cricket team name 3. Click on “Create new player” 4. Click on “Search on Facebook” 5. Search your friends and click on “send” available on the top right corner 6. If any of your friend is not on Facebook you can add them using their email 7. Click on “Save” and enter the details...

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