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As we are waiting for Cricket All Stars 2015(Sachin Vs. Warne) T20 series, which will feature 30 cricket legends of international cricket, let’s look at some of the jaw-dropping facts about the event.

1.3 Million balls bowled:

The magician spinners, aggressive seamers and unpredictable swingers contribute to a mammoth 1,365,736 balls bowled from ODIs, test & first-class matches. Which consists of many world records in which some are literally unbreakable.

650,000 Runs scorers:

The master blasters and classic hitters who are playing at this event have accumulated a huge 650,000 runs to their batting record. This includes more than 1,472 centuries and 2,979 half a centuries by facing 1,365,736 balls delivered from the finest bowlers of the world.

25,505 Wickets taken:

Through their hard earned bowling skills they account for sending 25,505 batsmen back to the pavilion in spite of their challenge.

17,285 Matches played:

All these players collectively played more than 25 thousand matches, so the maturity, spirit and respect they will have towards these games after their retirement will be too high in Cricket All Stars 2015.

10,970 Catches taken:

The fielders have caught more than 10 thousand catches literally at every position on the ground. Some of them went beyond their body could do to take some spectacular catches. While talking about catches and fielding it will not be complete without mentioning about Jonty Rhodes, who is also playing in the series.

346 Stumps:

Looking at the above number we can assume that some of the best wicket keepers will play in this series. They are lightning fast and quicker than the great batsmen to stump and send them back to the pavilion while standing still facing a 100 MPH ball(esp Shoaib Akhtar).

What does all these stats tell us?

The teams are gonna be well balanced and the legends are waiting to unleash the warrior inside them.
This series is going to be the epic cricket battle of the century, the ground is going to be filled with unbeaten record holders, thousands of runs scorers and badass bowlers of the human history. All these facts will make this once in a lifetime opportunity to see all of them in a single match.

The biggest event in the history of cricket is happening in New York, Houston and Los Angeles and they have got this golden opportunity to host and make a mark on cricket map.
Just watching this match is going to be an achievement for a true cricket fan!

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