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Chauka is now loaded with all new features to help you play and record your cricket better.

1. Login using your Google account

In order to simplify the registration and login process, we are introducing login with your Google account. With this you can now login with one click using any of your Google account.
Login to Chauka using Google account

2. Share match link directly from the matches list before the match begins

Once you create a match on Chauka Cricket Scorer App, you can share the match link with your friends, fans/audience even before the match begins. They will be able to follow the live match ball by ball once it begins. You can share it via WhatsApp, Facebook, Email, etc.,
Share match from matches list

3. Wagon wheel and each ball commentary input from app

This is another huge enhancement towards helping you play cricket like professionals. You can now enter Commentary and Wagon Wheel entry to every ball and this will be shown in the match score card.
Wagon wheel and commentary input
By default this option is disabled.To enable this feature,
Go to match settings and click on, ‘Wagon Wheel, Commentary’
Wagon wheel settings
Click on the check box to enable and un-check to disable the feature. Click on ‘OK’.
Wagon wheel and commentary

4. Full scorecard image generation to share on Facebook

With this enhanced feature you can now share the full scorecard of the match as an image to Facebook. The generated image is optimized to have the best resolution no matter which phone you are using.
Generate full scorecard image to be shared on facebook

5. Warning message when trying to score a future/past date match

In order to warn you when you mistakenly start scoring a match that is dated to future or past. This will be a warning message and if you wish to continue, you can go ahead and score it.
Warning message while scoring future dated match

6. Removing a match from the tournament

Now, if you need to delete a match from the tournament you can do it from the mobile app itself. This is useful if you mistakenly create an extra match or any match gets cancelled.
Delete match from tournament

Do you want us to build any specific feature? Please comment it below.