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Cricket umpire job seems very easy.

When we used to play cricket in our neighborhood or village, a person who is not great with bat and ball usually became the umpire. Just watch the game, count overs and give hand signals for obvious decisions. It seems an easy task.

But in reality, it is not!

Cricket umpiring is one of the toughest jobs in cricket. A professional (quality) umpire is a crucial part of a smooth functioning of a cricket match.

Who is a Cricket Umpire?

“In cricket, an umpire is a person who has the authority to make decisions about events on the cricket field, according to the laws of cricket.” Wikipedia

An international cricket match controlled by five officials, four umpires, and a match referee.

On the field, there are two umpires, one who stands at the bowler’s end and one who stands at the square leg. A third umpire is an off-field tv umpire.

Bowler’s end guy is responsible for judging no-ball, wide, caught out appeals, bye, leg-bye, boundaries and run out at the bowler’s end. Square leg guy is responsible for judging run out of the striker’s end, stumping, offering assistance with height, wide and no ball.

The third umpire uses the technologies such as slow motion tv replays, edge detection, ball tracking to assist with making a final decision for run out, stumping, LBW, whether a ball touched the ground before being caught or when it is unclear whether the ball has crossed the boundary.

The fourth umpire is a reserve umpire and assists with duties such as pitch preparation and repairs, player injury, replacement of match balls.

All umpires ensure a match runs smoothly and the game is played in the right spirit. Their duties include oversight of ground operation, taking both captains for the toss, management, inspecting the venue and other kinds of stuff.

Umpires take a significant role in resolving a dispute between players on the ground. All official can contribute the smooth and successful running of an international cricket match.

Hiring a professional umpire for your cricket matches

Most of the local cricket tournaments also hire professional umpires for their matches. A local cricket match needs at least two umpires, bowler’s end, and square leg.

Make sure that you have right umpires on the field when you are organizing a cricket tournament. Finding umpires in your locality is quite easy, just by enquiring in your network or contacting a coordinator from local cricket board or association.

If you’re new to the cricket network and finding it difficult, you can use LinkedIn to search and get in touch with them.

Log into Linkedin;
Type “cricket Umpire” in the search bar;

Click “People”

Click “Location” and type your place

Then you can see a list of umpires. Visit some of them and send an invitation to join with you.

Do you believe that professional umpires are essential for a cricket match? How are you finding professional ones for your cricket matches? Share your thoughts.