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Steps to Organise a Cricket Tournament

Are you planning to organize a cricket tournament in your circle? Do you feel that it is hard to conduct a cricket tournament efficiently and professionally?

Well, it is not that much hard as you thought.

Here is the step by step guide to organize a cricket tournament successfully:

Decide type and format of the tournament

T20, 10 overs and 15 overs are the popular tournament formats. You choose the format based on the time limit and number of teams.

Remember, stick with the same format for one tournament every year to maintain consistency and identity. A cricket league contains league matches and knockout. A cricket league is a good option if there are more number teams participating.

Type of Cricket Tournaments

Local cricketers play cricket with different types of balls, pitches and area. Different types of local tournaments are being played based on these factors.

Cricket Tournaments Based on Area

  • Indoor Tournaments
  • Outdoor Tournaments
Indoor Cricket

An Indoor Cricket Match

Cricket Tournament Based on The type of Ball Used in Matches

  • Leather Ball Tournaments- Usually Red, white and pink leather balls are used to play leather ball tournaments.
  • Tennis Ball Tournaments
  • Underarms Tournaments- A Plastic ball is used to play underarms tournaments.
  • Tape Ball Tournaments- A tape ball is a tennis ball wrapped in electrical tape. Tape ball tournaments are famous in Pakistan.

Different types of balls- Leather, Tennis & Tape Ball

Different types of balls- Leather, Tennis & Tape Ball

Define Tournament Rules

Find a right name for your tournament. Naming with the place name that the tournament is organising helps to get immediate attention from the local audience. Eg: Indian Premier League, Karnataka Premier League

Find a simple and related logo for your tournament.
Check these websites for creating logos for free.

Define proper rule for the tournament to make sure the right flow of the tournament. You can define color of the jersey, type of ball, intervals, code of conduct, the maximum number of players can have for one team, etc.

Visit Mid-Atlantic Cricket Conference (MACC) and Midwest Cricket Conference tournament tournament rules for your reference.

Raise money for your tournament

This part is very crucial for the success of a tournament. You need to find sponsors to pay the costs. First, you must understand who a sponsor is.

Definition of sponsor:
a person or organization that pays for or contributes to the costs involved in staging a sporting or artistic event in return for advertising.

Sponsors always look for advertising opportunities. So you must find a way to give them good value in return. You should find your potential sponsors, and you will be in a better position to explain what benefit they will get and what you want from them:

Different types of sponsors:
Community Driven- This sponsor has a great influence in the local community, and he wanted to get involved in local events in his area. This sponsor mostly interested in donating sports materials and improving the facilities for the tournament

Interest in the Sport- this individual or businesses love the sport and wanted to assist in the development of the sport in their area. Typically these sponsorships come from people already involved with the club in some way.

Commercial Enterprise- This kind of businesses expect a return on their investment. These kind of sponsors are easy to get. Finding a sponsor like this needs a proper research and you have to contact many people to get a few sponsors.

Invite teams for your tournament

Invite local teams to participate in your tournament. In this digital era, you can make use of different digital methods to find teams. It is easier and quicker way to reach more number of teams.

  • Post your tournament announcement in Fb profile and share it with relevant groups. You can
    post it on Twitter with relevant hashtags.
  • Cricket forums are another good way to reach a number of people.
  • Depend on any cricket scoring platform to find cricket teams. You can find cricket teams that already registered in that scoring platform and you can challenge them. They will receive a notification and they can join in your tournament. You need to set up your tournament in the platform first.

Set up your tournament in any cricket scoring platform

Cricket scoring platforms are the best way to manage your tournament records accurately and precisely. Many of the local cricket tournaments are using a cricket scoring management platform as it is more convenient and affordable.

You can set up your tournament, create matches, add players and generate fixture with a scoring platform. But the best part of such scoring platform is live scoring. You can download a cricket scoring app and start scoring with your iphone, ipad or any android device.

People can follow the live score with their mobile or desktop. Some of advanced features of a scoring platform are:

  • Easy ball-by-ball scoring from user-friendly & lightweight scoring apps for mobile(Android & iOS)
  • Broadcast your scores online with ball-by-ball update
  • Detailed Scorecard, Commentary, Wagon Wheel, Manhattan, Worm Graph, Run Rate chart, Wkts Pie, Extras Pie, etc.,
  • Hassle-free administration with automatic Points Table, NRR, MVP & 16 Types of Player Records
  • User-friendly dashboard to create or manage Tournament, Teams & Fixtures
  • Score both Online & Offline
  • Ability to put the whole tournament stats on your website easily
Chauka Cricket Scoring Solution GIF

Chauka Cricket Scoring Platform

Hire Umpires

Professional umpires make cricket matches well disciplined and unbiased. You can find professional umpires from Linkedin. Search as cricket umpire and filter results with your location.

I hope these tips will help you to conduct a better and a successful tournament. Do you have some unique tips to organise tournaments even better? Share with us.