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Cricket ground

Organising a cricket tournament is a tedious task which requires a lot of time and effort for a successful completion. If organized well it brings the like-minded cricket lovers together, gives an opportunity to the hidden talents & promotes the game itself.

Scoring or scorekeeping is one of the most important aspects of a cricket tournament which must be done accurately.

Online cricket scoring has evolved to address the challenges faced in the conventional scoring method. Also, it has a lot of additional benefits with the use of the technology available today which make the scorers’, administrators’/organisers’ life easier.

Online cricket scoring gives a professional look to the tournament with the ability to publish the scores online which can be followed by anyone from anywhere in the world. It gives players’ an opportunity to share their scores/statistics with their friends and family in real time.

In this article, we have listed the key benefits and reasons you need to make the move to the future of cricket scoring and administration.

Why you should use online cricket scoring?

Fixture Generation

It is a tough task to create fixture if you have many number teams. An online cricket scoring platform makes it really simple and smooth. Input all your teams, specify the number of rounds and choose the teams.

Scoring from Mobile App

You can score matches ball by ball with a mobile app. Yeah, it is easy and anyone can do that. You have the option to choose the type of tournament i.e You can see icons to press for singles, doubles, six, four, wide, no-ball and all other scoring options.

All participants can follow the live score and all other statistics in real time. All your cricket stats can be accessible in the app for the future reference.

Chauka cricket scoring app

Online Scorecard

Online scorecard generated automatically along with a ball-by-ball commentary which enables the users to share it on social media. Tournament online presence eventually extends the reach and attract a number of audience in the future.

All your statistics automatically organized and ready to access at any time and from anywhere. Apart from the scorecard, you can see pie chart, wagon wheel, run rate graph and many other useful charts to analyze your matches and player performance.

You can maintain the scorecard and all other statistics related to a tournament in a scoring platform and access it whenever and whoever wants. All the data remain on the server forever.

Chauka cricket scorecard

Automatic Points Table and Tournament records

Points table and NRR (Net Run Rate) is automatically calculated as and when the matches are completed. MVP or Most Valuable Player helps you track the top performing player throughout the tournament.

Other tournament records such as batting, bowling, fielding, etc., will keep getting updated which makes it easier to pick the top performer in different categories.

Players and Team Profiles

All the players and teams will get their own profile on the tournament page which gives them an overall career summary and performance graphs for analysis. This enhances the engagement with the participating teams and players.

Fans, coaches, selectors, and others can access these profiles to stay connected with their favorite player from anywhere which exposes the local talents to a broader audience.

Upload your Photos and Videos

The scorers can capture the moments right from the scoring app to keep it connected with the match and for later access. Even after the match completion participants and the audience can access these photos when they are on the scorecards.

Some scoring apps also have the feature to post these captured photos directly to Facebook pages or groups.

Paperless Tournaments

As you start administering all your tournaments on an online scoring software, data is securely stored on clouds which can eliminate the use of papers. With online scoring, keeping the historical tournament scorecards becomes effortless and the chances of losing or damaging are avoided.

To administer your first tournament online, visit Chauka, one of the most widely used and easiest online cricket scoring platforms. So far more than 2500 tournaments & leagues have been created on Chauka from more than 15 countries.
Please go through the help document to get started.

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