How to remove and add same match into other round of tournament?

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Please login to using your credentials and visit the tournament where you want to remove a match and add it to other round of the tournament. Step 1: In “Score sheets & Schedule” click on delete icon beside the match you want to add to other round. Step 2: Confirm delete by clicking on “Yes” and click on “Remove from tournament” and click “Ok” Step 3: Click on ‘Add match’ in the same page on the top, and below the “Create Match” option please find “Search for...

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How to Create a Tournament on Chauka Cricket Scorer App

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Step by step guide to create your first tournament: Step 1: Login Login at using your username and password. Step 2: Click on “My Teams” and click “Create team” After logging in please click on “My Teams” where you will see all your teams, since you have not created any team, click on “Create Team” and fill in the team details. Step 3: Enter player details After creating the team, please enter the players first name, last name and email address and click “Invite”. Step 4:...

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Adding penalty points on Chauka cricket scoring app

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Steps to add penalty points in cricket scoring software Chauka Step 1: Login ■ Log in to using your admin credentials: ■ Click on “My Tournaments” in sidebar ■ Click on Division name to which the “team” belongs to (The “Team” to which penalty points are to be awarded) ■ Click on “Tournament Points” on left menu ■ At the bottom of the points table there will be option to enter penalty points Step 2: Click on Tournament Points To see option to add penalty points click on...

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Create your own cricket team and add players

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Follow simple steps to create your own cricket team and add players to the team. Add friends from Facebook or find local cricket players in your city. Start finding other teams to play for any format of cricket from school cricket to college cricket or league cricket to even gully or street cricket matches. It’s as simple as adding a Facebook friend. Just download Chauka Cricket Scoring App from Google Play Store. It is one of the smallest apps you would find for scoring your cricket matches on mobile. After opening app, touch and...

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Results of Karnataka Institute of Cricket (KIOC) League 2013

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The very professional Karnataka Institute of Cricket had us all excited when they started the Tournament on the first day of this year. More than 10 teams were to compete and here are the results of their clash.   Semi Finals   Kioc Slammers (252/6) won over Kioc All Stars(243/8) Kioc All Stars Won the Toss and elected to field. In hindsight it was a stupid decision because the slammers, true to their name, put up 252 runs in 45 overs. The All stars, inspite of initial setbacks, almost made the score. But were restricted by the...

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Hitting Chauka after Chauka after Chauka :-)

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Getting recognition is always nice. And we were all pleasantly surprised to be featured in A thank you to Jubin for creating such a buzz around He wrote so well we might even link his article as our about page. Check out his take on Chauka cricket app here. “Chauka has been built with the aim of having every cricketer (school, college, club, corporate or even at a galli level) on a single platform and score every match and every tournament. “It’s a way for amateur cricketers to find other players more easily, to...

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Back to blog from cricket ground

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All has been quiet on the blog front. But not for long! We’ve got loads to tell you, but one at a time. Amateur Cricket is everywhere and we’ve been in the thick of things for the past few months. We have been on the ground covering many different tournaments and plenty of activity has kept us running from one field to another. Chauka was used for scoring tournaments in Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Minneapolis, Houston, San Jose and many more . The league of the Karnataka Institute of Cricket has been the biggest one covered so far...

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Results of COEP ZEST 2013 Cricket Tournament, Pune

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Following up on the league stage update, here is a summary of what happened in the final stages of COEP Zest 2013 Cricket Tournament, Pune. Quarter Finals Maeers MIT won against GCOE, NASHIK COEP won against AISSMS MIT AOE won against MMCOE RH Sapat won against Walchand Semi Finals COEP  won against Maeers MIT MIT AOE won against RH Sapat Final COEP won against MIT AEO Congratulations to the hosts, COEP, for winning the annual tournament, and good luck to all the teams for the coming year. MIT AOE played well, but...

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Taking Guard: Creating a Team on

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The easiest way to create your team on Chauka is to use the mobile app. But if you don’t have a compatible phone, you can register on on the web.  Just follow these simple steps. Register Go to You can just connect with Facebook or create a new profile using your email address. Connecting Facebook will allow you to add your friends from Facebook when you are creating a team. Create a Team After you have registered, click on “My Teams” in the left menu and then click on “Create...

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Taking Guard: Before You Hit Your First Chauka

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If you are participating in a tournament organized on Chauka, how do you get started? Follow these easy steps to get all the benefits of Chauka, including a detailed scorecard and top bowlers and top batsmen stats. Step 1: Install mobile app: Install Chauka Cricket Scorer on your Android or Blackberry phone. Step 2: Register with Facebook by clicking on the “Login with Facebook” button. Step 3: Create your team: Click on “+New” on top and click on “+” next to “Home”. Step 4: Add Players:...

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